• June 20,2015       BPEG Reactor has been awarded to supply of  63 units of reactors to the ITER project in France.

                             IETR France BPEG

  • March 24, 2015  BPEG Reactor  has been awarded to supply of 10 units of 230KV series air core reactor in USA.

            In this PO,  BPEG  will supply 10 units of  230KV 4000Amp air core reactor , and each unit weights more than 90,000lbs. Those units will be delivered in
            2015&2016.    BPEG delivered 24 units of  500KV  3150, 4000Amp series air core reactors in 2014.      

  • August 8, 2014    BPEG Reactor received a purchase order from  Alstom Grid to supply the air core reactors for the +-800KV Champa-Kurukshetra Transmission HVDC Link 

            On July 31, 2014, BPEG  was awarded a contract by Alstom Grid UK to supply 14 units of  +-800KV smoothing reactors and 14 units of DC filtering air core
            reactors. The project site is in India.   BPEG can deliver the reactors in 6 months.

            This is another smoothing reactor order BPEG Reactor  received aboard after  BPEG delivered  smoothing reactors  to The Rio Madeira 600 kV HVDC
            transmission link  in Brazil  via ABB.

  • April 20, 2014    BPEG Reactor passed the type test on  its  +-1100KV smoothing reactor.  The world first +-1100KV HVDC link will be energized in 2016.

                        Reactor 1100KV Smoothing Reactor

                                                             BPEG 800KV

  • June 27, 2013.   BPEG's shunt reactors has been energized as part of   the world first 750KV controllable shunt reactors. The substation is about 10,000 feet altitude and located in western China.
           BPEG 750KV Controllable Shunt Reactor
  • Dec. 2012   BPEG  delivered  the shunt reactors to PG&E California.  BPEG also was awarded by WAPA to supply 6 units of the air core shunt reactor in 2013
  • IEEE T&D  Expo  2014 

            Looking forward to meeting you at the 50th anniversary of the IEEE T&D expo at Chicago  , April 14-17. BPEG's booth is #5520.
                          T&D 2014    BPEG 

  • Nov., 2011    The BPEG's damping reactors are in the 1000KV AC series compensation and put in operation
The system has been tested and passed the site well-prepared short circuit test as part of standard site acceptance test on Nov. 20,2011


  • June 2, 2010 - BPEG's  23 units of AC air core filter reactors are in operation  in the Los Angeles's 500kV HVDC subtation.

    *May 23, 2010 - BPEG's new EHV air core reactor workshop is in operation. The new workshop occupies 1.48 acres and has a manufacturing capacity of 92 EHV smoothing reactors per year. This expansion cost about 90 million US$. Details

    * April, 2010 - BPEG Reactor delivered 21 units of AC air core filter reactors to the substations ADELANTO and INTERMOUNTAIN of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Intermountain HVDC transmission upgrade.

    *June, 2009 - BPEG Reactor received an order to supply AC air core filter reactors for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Intermountain HVDC transmission upgrade from ABB. The order consists of 21 units with 6 spares and was expected to be delivered to the site by January, 2010. More news on BPEG HVDC by clicking here. Details

    * April, 2009 - BPEG Reactors 2008 Sales Summary. In 2008, BEPG Reactors delivered worldwide, 665 units of shunt reactors, 3084 units of series reactors, 888 units of filter reactors, 860 units of current-limiting reactors, 3 units of smoothing reactors, and in the other areas 165 units. The 2008 sales is over 20% growth over 2007. Details

    * November, 2008 - The 800kV HVDC Smoothing Reactor Is Commercially Available Now. The product line has been certified by a technical team in Beijing and BPEG will deliver 29 units of those products in 2009 and 2010. Details

* March, 2008 - BPEG's smoothing reactors for the +-800kV HVDC project passed the factory test as the first one ever passed in the world. BPEG holds all the IPs associated with the product.

     * Dec. 19, 2007. BPEG was awarded a contract on Dec. 17, 2007 to supply ALL the smoothing reactors for the +-800kV HVDC project in China

      * BPEG attended the 2008 IEEE T&D Conference & Expo.